Expanding Light “Spark Your Creative Genius” Retreat

I just arrived home from a beautiful weekend at Expanding Light in nearby Nevada City, CA. I attended a weekend workshop called “Spark Your Creative Genius” with the amazing Dana Lynne Andersen (artist of image to the left).

We went through various guided meditations and movement exercises, as we flowed into different artistic modalities including painting and drawing with sketch and oil pastels.  Dana was a great guide through this as she invited us to truly feel what we were feeling and express it through the art authentically, instead of simply trying to make a “pretty picture”.  

Dana also talked about the right and left brains and how typical left brain (logical, facts and figures, sequencing, numbers, etc.) skills are becoming more obsolete in this country as they are either being outsourced to less expensive labor environments or to computers, software, and robots.  It is the creative skills and ways of being that are becoming much more valuable as they are the visionary, outside the box, big picture idea, solution finding, community creating mindsets.  To increase the right brain integration, Dana suggests meditation as well as artistic expression.  

I left feeling like a creative, authentically expressing, radiant, bundle of love ~ what better? Every program and personal retreat at the Expanding Light includes lodging, meditation & Ananda style yoga twice each day, plus hearty and delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner (yum!).  Check out their upcoming calendar of events and retreats HERE.

During my stay at Expanding Light, I also caught the inaugural Harvest Festival.  What a joy that was!  I met so many beautiful creative souls… creators of art, natural skin care products, and herbalists, healers, meditation benches & tools, and more.  I bought an amazing handmade table cloth that will be an great cover for my booth table at upcoming festivals where I will be giving out free WellBEing Resource guides in 2012.  The other item I purchased was a gorgeous, alive flower art print created by the lovely Ashleigh Moore. See her pictured to the right and check out her blog post about the Harvest Festival as well as links to some of her art pieces HERE.

It is really fulfilling to bring such beauty into my life as I contribute to the WellBEing of artists that live their dream expressing themselves through the teachings and creative expressions that they share with the world. 

It was a pleasure, once again, to enjoy the people, teachers, and energy of Expanding Light and Nevada City ~ already looking forward to returning again soon :)


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