Hi ~ I’m Jill, a native Sacramentan, and started practicing yoga over 10 years ago. My first class was at the Sacramento Yoga Center in a style called Standing Wave. After that first class, my body was buzzing with a blissful energy and I was hooked at a core level.

With a regular practice, even just one long session each week (combination of guided relaxation, asana, and savasana/corpse pose), I noticed my life becoming more joyful and even-keel.

My world seemed to be changing around me, but really it was me changing, getting in touch with my true essence, from within. Currently, I practice various yoga styles at local studios (primarily traditional Hatha, Restorative, and Svaroopa®), go on nearby retreats, take workshops and trainings, and have a home practice.

I created this site because I was looking for one place that I could find out about all the various yoga studios, styles (and places that teach each), instructors, retreats, teacher trainings, workshops, and other related information and events in our local region. Since I couldn’t find the resource I was looking for, I figured that I could create one for the community.

In addition to SacYoga, I produce WellBEing Resource, the local print & online holistic directory. You might like to take a peek at as well. Visit the site or click HERE for places where you can pick up a free copy of the print edition. 

Thanks so much for visiting SacYoga and please share with your Yogi friends :)  





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